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A Celebrated Day for Anime

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Hawaii Anime Awards Announcement

We wish to thank everyone for your continued support for the Hawaii Anime Awards being held on the evening of June 23, 2018. Our team is excited to make it a great event.

This announcement is to address the concerns that have been brought to our attention and would like to make it known to those participating and involved.

First, the Hawaii Anime Awards is governed and closed to a third-party organization that received online nomination submissions in an open to the public nominations form.  Those who volunteer their time and work so hard to put on a great event are not privy to voter and nominee information.

Nominations have been done anonymously by the public and was held in November 2017 until the end of the year and reopened for a second chance to include nominations after it’s continued awareness on March 10th and promoted via social media (public post).

We understand that with a publicly open nomination, we unfortunately did not have direct contact with nominees (Netflix, Crunchyroll, Vendors, Artists and Cosplayers, etc.)

Letters were sent to those that information was available.

That being said, we are giving the option for nominees who wish to not participate the opportunity to withdrawal their current nomination.   Please email info@metahumanent.com for the opportunity to withdrawal your nomination and we will also be reaching out through our networks to do what we can get in order to get in contact with fellow nominees.

That being said, we are offering all nominees a complimentary ticket to the awards gala with the opportunity to bring one guest (a $100 value) for your continued support for the awards.

We understand that as a first time award show, we will encounter hiccups along the way but as we round out the process and are more known to the Hawaii community, the award show will be owned and run by the community.  We are here to give that little push.

There will be an opportunity for those vying for the coveted A-N-E in an open nomination or self-nominate for 2018 when nominations for the 2019 awards open again in early July.  As we put on this first award show for anime fans, we are open to feedback and constructive criticisms to make sure your voice is heard.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via social media or email us at info@metahumanent.com.

In the meantime, we ask that you continue to support our emcees, the volunteers, current nominees for the first ever Hawaii Anime Awards.



Metahuman Entertainment Team

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A Celebrated Day for Anime

AO Fest is an all-day festival which celebrates anime to include an evening for the first-ever Hawaii Anime Awards.  Enjoy the first ever Shokugeki: Food Wars Competition, Anime Feud – a play off of Family Feud, a list of LIVE musical performance from Close the Distance formally EMKE, Battle of the Bands finalist Fresh Preps, popular Hawaii Emcee’s Kyuubikaze, Remy Zane and 93.9’s TC.


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Close The Distance formerly known as EMKE

Close the Distance formerly known as EMKE was formed in 2004 in Honolulu, Hawaii by an unlikely group of friends. Bound together by their mutual love for rock music, EMKE started out as a classic rock cover band but later morphed into a melodic alternative rock group. Kira Santos (singer/lead guitarist), Ezri Santos (singer/bassist), Mari Arakawa (singer/rhythm guitarist) and Payton Sekigawa (drummer) found themselves graduating from intimate local club gigs to playing before huge concert crowds. Though at the 2018 Kawaii Kon event, it was announced that singer/rhythm guitarist Mari Arakawa would be leaving the band to pursue a different path.

EMKE has earned opening slots for artist including Billy Ray Cyrus, Kansas, Switchfoot, One Republic, and Halestorm. The band also received invitations to appear at the music industries’ prestigious NAMM Show in Los Angeles, CA to perform with artists such as Andy Mckee and Journey’s Neal Schon.  As a result of their LA concerts, the band was awarded a musical endorsement by Yamaha Music Corporation of America.

As teenagers, there was a strong desire to express themselves through their own original compositions and musical style. Determined, they entered the studio.

EMKE’s debut EP “Promises and Expectations” is a mixture of melodic “pop anthems” and “guitar-driven” alternative rock. It’s a collection of tunes that echoes the band’s current influences such as, All Time Low and Paramore with musical undertones that pay homage to their roots in classic rock. The EP’s single, Open Eyes “hit the mark” with listeners on Tokyo’s number one FM station InterFM 76.1.

As years passed, the need for further self-expression lingered in minds of the band members. EMKE hoped to expose themselves in a different light, so they headed back into the studio. Thus began the creation of their first full-length album, “Edit Undo.”

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The Fresh Preps

The Fresh Preps have steadily grown a reputation for their wide variety of original music, sometimes fun and danceable, sometimes dark and angry. They constantly incorporate other styles into their sound so that no genre is off-limits for this band. It’s clear to see that this band is serious about not taking themselves too seriously.

Started in 2013, The Fresh Preps have been sweeping through the Hawaii music scene with their gritty guitar hooks and thick vocal harmonies. With only a year under their belt, they managed to reach the finals of the 2014 Star 101.9 Battle of the Bands. They’ve shared the stage with many amazing musicians including Crimson Apple, Amanda Frazier, Ron Artis Family Band, and have played and recorded with Streetlight Cadence.

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KyuubiKaze, a YouTuber, dancer, and speaker has entertained thousands of people in his career. And now, he’ll be a co-host for AO Fest! KyuubiKaze started his YouTube journey in 2014, and since then, has gained thousands of social media followers and over 90,000 views! Known for cosplaying Kyuubi, the nine-tailed fox from the global anime “Naruto”, it’s no surprise his comedic and outgoing style gained so much attention.

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Remy Zane

Remy Zane bills himself as Hawaii’s only full-time game show host. He’s not wrong; as owner of Trivia Hawaii, Hawaii’s only fully-local pub trivia league, Remy writes hundreds of questions every week, hosting unique trivia nights throughout the workweek. Since 2011, he has also hosted dozens of anime and video game-themed events, most notably NEET (2016-17), Kawaii Kon’s Anime Family Feud, and the 2015 Legend of Zelda Master Quest concert at the Neal S. Blaisdell Concert Hall. Previously known as the afternoon DJ on Hawaii’s only FM JPOP station 97.5 KORL (RIP!), Remy spends his free time rehearsing with his bilingual rock band [LAB16], playing Mario Kart 8 DX, and solving logic puzzles.