Gaming Room: Smash Bros Tournament

The ruleset committee has been working hard at preparing a governing body responsible for creating a ruleset for recommended use throughout the world. The previous group had a very strong USA bias but this time we have had a detailed correspondence from leaders from Japan, Australia, Europe, Mexico to better represent the needs of the Smash 4 community on a global scale. We also plan on announcing how our collaboration is going to work for this current season and for future PGR seasons going forward.

As each PGR season comes to a close, we look to review the recommended ruleset for issues, snags, or changes due to the ever-expanding meta for Smash 4. As this is a relatively new process, and with the timing of EVO + a huge amount of S tier events we find ourselves already well on our way through this season. Because of this, we have elected to take a route of caution and hold off on any major changes to both characters or stages.

Smash 4 Recommended Ruleset Changelog

Omega Midgar replaced with Omega Palutena templeOmega Midgar was found to have a semi-techable wall-bump on the left side of the stage. Due to the nature of Omega stages, we need to have them as close to FD as possible. Omega Palutena Temple was picked as the replacement even with the VERY slightly higher ceiling (less than 1%) as it has seen tournament play previously in multiple regions.

Why not Gaur Plains? – If you roll to the ledge and throw an item down it will go through the stage.

Midset coaching/timeouts removed.Controversial since its inclusion, Midset Coaching will be making its exit from the current Recommended ruleset for the following reasons.

  1.   Coaching as a premium service

Coaching is currently seen as a top player privilege and most low/mid level players are unable to field high level coaches.


  1.   Lack of dedicated coaches

Most players would rather grab a character specialist and constantly change coaches throughout the tournament. It gets a bit silly when you start fielding different coaches depending on the matchup at hand. There are some dedicated coaches out there (Pierce/Zeke come to mind), but the majority of the coaches are players; many of which who are still in the bracket themselves.


  1.   Easy to Abuse + Hard to Enforce

In pool play/larger tournaments, most staff do not have the manpower to properly enforce every single coaching situation. This leaves it open to easy abuse.


  1.   Speed up sets/boring to watch

Calling a timeout/coaching period is an extremely powerful way to control set momentum. 30 seconds between each match will not only limit this but is beneficial to spectators.

These Changes are to go live after Super Smash Con (depending on TO discretion for Shine/SCR Saga)

Plans for PGRv5 Ruleset


  1. Release ruleset update 1-2 week after PGR season ends.

We aren’t doing any major changes (lylat, bf/dl, miis, stock count) because there have been too many major events in the current season. Getting a set release schedule for ruleset changes allows TOs to acquire this information and for players to prepare for a new ruleset change in a timely fashion.


  1. Graphs/Public Data

For this iteration, we were able to grab data from the following regions


  1.       US
  2.       Canada
  3.       Mexico
  4.       Japan
  5.       Europe
  6.       Australia

In the future, we want to get the data into presentable graphs and polls so we can show how regions feel about certain areas of the game (hint, it’s all over the place). We also plan on surveying each season’s PGR as a data point representing the pinnacle of the current meta.

Updated Smash 4 Ruleset: Link